Best Services in LED Display & Lighting Industry
  • MegaOled as one of the rapid growth LED display and LED lighting application solutions distributor company in Indonesia. MegaOled aims to provide both domestic and overseas clients with high-quality and high performance products and services.

    We provide a complete range of reliable products, including indoor LED display, outdoor LED display, sports LED display, tunnel LED light, LED tube light, LED light bulb, and related products.

    Most of our products are from top three ranking in the world. Our products has owned nearly 50 national patents and has achieved the international quality certificates, including ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001, CE, FCC, ETL, TUV, GOST, CCC, UL, GS, CUL, RoHS. And we also pass the. Specially for LED lighting, our products has passing the AS/NZS standard certificate authorized by Australia and New Zealand to LED street lights products and also UL, GS certificate for LED street lights in China.

    Our Commitment to Green pioneered the use of environmentally friendly LED technology for signage. When compared to other light sources, LEDs are cooler, longer lasting, and more energy eficient. Our unique pixel layouts maximize these benefits.

    MAdvantages of our Products:
    • The perfect quality and long-time stability of Advertising LED Display brings MegaOled a very good reputation in LED display field.
    • Applied virtual pixel technology in LED Display, the resolution has been able to increase 4 times with the same quantity of LED chips.
    • With the standard cabinet design, one cabinet can be available for different pixel requirements, which makes the installation process easier. The thinner and lighter cabinet decreased the delivery cost effectively.
    • With unique waterproof design, the cabinet is qualified for IP65 ingress protection level and is able to be directly installed in outdoor.
    • With operating temperature between LED display is able to be installed in any environments and able to operate in coastal place with high temperature and high salinity.
    • With the brightness higher than 7000cd/M2, our outdoor display is bale to be installed in different environments. Besides our display can change the brightness automatically upon the multi-function card. On the aspect of design, we conform to environmental protection and energy saving philosophy.
    • Supporting remote wireless and wire centralized control management, one monitor center is able to control several LED Advertising Displays.
    • LED video control system does not only have two backup systems, but also provides relate maintenance spare parts which are designed in modularizing for post-sales maintenance. Therefore, once there is any emergency, you can switch to spare system.